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Panama Geisha is considered to be the pinnacle coffee variety for Panamanian coffee growers. Since 2004 the fame of the Panama Geisha has consistently grown across the world for its unique jasmine, orange blossom and burgemont qualities.


We named this coffee Colibri after the humingbirds that we find on Damarli Estate because the Geisha coffee is very much like the humingbird. It is both a coffee that is delicate and enchanting, however it can be an elusive coffee to roast as it requires a lot of skill to showcase the aromas and flavors of the bean.


We planted our Panama Geisha with a seed from one of the original farms that brought the coffee to Boquete. This was to ensure that the genetics of the seed would be able to reveal the desired qualities. Planting it in our most forested and highest altitude plot, we have been able to achieve the typical aromatic and flavor profile. We have a limited quantity every year, as the plot only covers one hectare.


Variety: Panama Geisha

Process: Anaerobic process, Dried on Raised Beds

Notes: Jasmine, earl grey, burgemont, orange blossom, marzipan, lemon grass & silky body

Colibri | Panama Geisha

Fresh 2023/24 Harvest Expected to Ship in July
  • 250 grams | 8.81 oz

    Medium Roast

    100% Arabica Coffee

    Estate Grown and Roasted

    Product of Republic of Panama

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