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Experience a Specialty Coffee Farm

The Ruiz Family has established the coffee industry in Panama and has been farming coffee since the late 1800s. On this unique visit, you will be joining Panamanian coffee history, visiting the Damarli Estate Specialty Coffee Farm which has won awards for its delicious coffees. You will learn everything about the history of coffee, Panama’s coffee culture, the coffee harvesting and processing, and taste various coffees including the famous Panama Geisha. If it is harvest season, you may also pick some coffee cherries yourself.

About your Coffee Tour

Our guided coffee farm visits allow you to immerse yourself in the specialty coffee world and learn everything about coffee and the process behind it.


Every day at 9 a.m. or 1:30 p.m.

Group Size

Max. 11 people


3-3.5 hrs incl. transportation


Harvest Coffee Cherries

During the harvest season (Nov - Feb), we offer customers a half-day experience that includes harvesting coffee cherries at our farm with our diligent workers.

Get involved in the Process

After picking cherries, visitors have the chance to become part of the sorting & fermentation process at our farm. We float our coffee, pack it in sacks for further processing or bring them directly to our local coffee mill.


Learn more about Coffee

Throughout the year, our tours include a visit through the farm during which we explain everything that you need about coffee. Get all of your questions answered!

Roast your own Coffee

Additional tour options, your group can request to roast coffee yourself with the guidance of our experts. Light, medium, dark, first crack, RPM? You'll learn everything that you need to know.


Taste Panama Geisha

Our visit includes a coffee tasting during which you can try all of our coffees simultaneously including the famous Panama Geisha. We are also happy to share some tips on how to brew coffee at home and how to store it properly.

Visit Us

Our annual harvest is a great time to plan a trip to Damarli Estate where we host coffee lovers, tourists, baristas, roasters andcoffee professionals. Damarli Estate is open for visitors during the harvest to work, learn and live on the estate. The best months to participate in the harvest are from December through the end of February. In addition to the harvest March – June are also great times to visit. In the month of March we are finishing drying our Coffee lots and selecting our coffees forcompetition. During the month of April we are preparing for The Best of Panama which is our annual coffee competition which concludes in early June.

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